Wednesday, January 18, 2012

& so we have cravings

Relatively normal day to begin with today. The usually castings and then home for a simple little lunch, I just made a sweet salad, because I wasn't all in the mood to cook a very luscious meal. Then, I started doing a bit of looking into online classes, because I decided it'd be good to actually be working on something when I have days off here. I even downloaded a few lecture sessions from schools like Berkley and Yale about the major I'm interested in, to make sure it fully interests me. I downloaded about 9 of them, and they're all about an hour and a half each, so it'll take a while to go through them all. Right now, I'm finishing up the Passion 2012 podcasts first though. In the evening, Natalia and I decided to take a visit to the grocery store, because she needed a few things, and I just felt like getting out of the apartment for a bit. Our grocery store is in the bottom part of a building about a five minute walk away, but directly above the store is a Cold Stone Creamery. Natalia, being the silly girl she is, said she was thinking about it the whole time we were shopping and asked to stop, so we each had a little mini treat and sat to chat for a bit. Afterwards, we headed on to our lovely warm home.

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