Thursday, January 26, 2012

snowmen at two a.m.

The best days simply start out in the best way, but best days can always come to a halt whenever the snow starts pouring down. At least for me. I'm from the south, I like my weather warm and ice free. Unless there's hot chocolate near by that is.

In this case though, there was not. I was walking home this evening with Denis from the grocery store, and about halfway home the sky suddenly decided that it felt like up and pouring down snow. So much, that there was close to 3 inches in two simple hours.

I sat and watched the snow from the living room window for about an hour with everyone, till one of the guys got the smart idea to go out and build a snowman. It was close to one in the morning by then, but of course we were all for the idea. Of course it ended up being: all the girls running around taking pictures and all the guys building a seven foot monster that resembled a Shrek form of Frankenstein, not the cutest snowman out there, but definitely the most fun to be apart of.

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