Saturday, October 1, 2011

You Call This A Fashion Show?

Well, the girls and I had a job sheet saying we were having a job from 10-6 for a fashion show. Apparently, there are two different definitions for fashion show though, because this was not walking down a stage once for an audience. But more, walking in the street an hour at a time, three times, in a line, wearing designer clothes holding bags promoting a "Grand Renewal" of the store, Sly. The day had it's up moments though: We got to stand in front of the Sly sign and have our picture taken, like on a red carpet. Also, they bought us ice cream. The day became tiring after the third time though, and especially since we all were thinking how we were going to have to do the same thing tomorrow. So after the job, we all along with other models had plans to go bowling, but it all fell through and in the end no one went becuase we all wanted to go home and lay down and sleep for hours. Of course, we all go home and get online and sleep maybe four.

 Above: Typical models on their break. Two of the four are watching a movie on an ipod. The other two, one is posing while the other takes a picture.
When we weren't out on the streets, we were chilling on the top floor of this grand hotel right in the middle of the city. It was a bit cloudy today, but still marvelous.

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