Wednesday, October 5, 2011

SLY Renewal

With the same models, I got to spend my first lovely Saturday in Osaka working at the "Fashion Show" again. We did the same exact thing as yesterday, except today we did it with a bit more blisters on our feet. The day seemed to go faster, I think because we all knew how the day was going to span out and what to expect. Plus, yesterday it was a  bit drizzly and today it was a sunshiny! Which I was happy about, till the point I realized I was modeling winter wear. Even though the job had it's ups and downs, it's definetly one I'll remember. Afterwards, I went shopping for a bit with my room mate Lilia. We only went into a few stores though because we were both so tired from working and it was starting to get late into the night, so soon we went home to rest.

 Above: These were the bags we all had to carry around with us as we walked. I was waiting so long to post this becuase the make up artist was supposed to email me some of the pictures she took of us, but she never did.
 A view from the hotel and the sun shiny day!
 I was reading my bok alot as we waited, and I loved this quote in it. Even though I sort of ruined the page. "How good it was to hear the sound of laughter."
I still find it hilarious all the different ways Japanese find a way to spell my name.

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