Saturday, October 8, 2011

Oh Bowling

Wednesday was an extremely fun day for us. It was usual at first, taking the train to Kyoto for castings and then having castings until late into the day, but afterwards I went out bowling with a few of my friends! The only "bowling" I've done in the last few years has been at home on the wii, so naturally I was terrible. But it was fun to just have a carefree night with everyone! After bowling, we decided to go to a near by chinese restaraunt and have a little to eat, which is very much different from the chinese back home - and if you can't guess TONS better. Afterwards though, Lilia, Yana, and I were so full and feeling quite guilty for eating so late that we decided to walk home instead of taking the train. It was a lovely walk - only about 2 and a half hour walk where we got into so many silly shenanigans. And since it was quite late and we were taking the back streets, we were playing our ipod and singing and dancing along in the streets. We must have been quite a sight.

 Above: Train to Kyoto.
 Outside the bowling alley!
 Even the workers at the bowling alley can't spell my name right, and I even wrote it down for them!
 Straight 0's, that's how it's done.
 Agne and Yana up to bowl.
 Yana and Lilia trying to decide if we should catch the train or not before the last one passes.
 Doing what we do, chilling in the street.
We found an old phonebooth that didn't even work at all.

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