Saturday, October 8, 2011

Bullet Train Whisking Me Off

Tuesday I had a job in lovely Nagoya, which is about an hour and a half ride north on the bullet train! It's almost directly inbetween Tokyo and Osaka, so of course I had the urge to just ride straight to Tokyo for a bit and see my friends. Though work was a bit more important to me. What was nice was having a town car to pick me up right from the train platform! Today's job was 15 simple cuts for a deptartment store in Japan, though it was a very upscale one and the clothes I was modeling were Marc Jacobs, Valentino, and Chloe! I honestly believe I had the coolest stylist ever to work with in Nagoya. She was so energetic and silly with all she did! When I was in hair and make up was when she first came in carrying a tray of food for me and yelling in her wonderful japanese accent, "MOOOOORNING!!!" She had me laughing the entire day with her silly ways. The job ended around 7, and I had to hustle to catch the subway to the bullet train station so I could get home before the last trains! I made it all of course, especially proud of myself for figuring out the Nagoya subway systems with having never been there before. The train ride home though was extremly strenuous. The bullet train is EXACTLY like an airplane inside, and you would entirely confuse it with one if not for being able to look outside and see the grass feet away. If you've already taken the train once that day though, and work from 10-7, then the train back is a hard one. I was honestly counting the seconds till we arrived and I could get around and walk a bit.

 Above: The bullet train.
 Waiting in hair and make up a bit into the day.
 THE coolest stylist ever.
 She was so cute!
Little touch ups before shooting.

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