Sunday, September 25, 2011

Why Take The Train When You Can Walk

Since I stayed last night at Marie's, she did the cutest thing and woke me up this morning with a full plate of fruit and plain yogurt. It was the cutest thing ever. So we sat on the bed and chatted and ate together. Afterwards, she went for a run for a bit and I began getting ready for the day. We wanted to go shopping for a bit in another big part of the city, which was only a 40 minute walk so we decided to do it. Of course, we got there and we were super hungry so we stopped in a little italian restaraunt for lunch. I had a little salad, with foccia bread, and some mozarella balls and sliced tomatoes. It was so incredible. Then we walked around the city a bit, before Marie was tired and we headed home so she could nap for a bit. After she woke up, we got all dressed up again and went to a fancy french restaraunt for some dinner. Then to a little dessert shop for something tasty afterwards. Then we headed to the Ritz to get a view from the top floor. We went up and it was incredible, you could see endlessly it seemed like. They had some light piano playing in the background, it made you want to stay forever. After we went back down, we accidentally went to the second floor instead of the first, and on the floor all of the lights were cut out - so it was pitch black. And they also had some light piano music playing in the background. It might have seemed a big scary at a point, but over all it was lovely. It felt like we were in a totally different time.

 Above: Chilling in Starbucks before we started our day!
 Where we went to the other part of the city, there was a massive protest of hundreds of people marching down the street chanting and playing drums and yelling about not putting more radioactivity into their land.
 Another view of the protesters.
 Sitting at the french cafe, we were sitting against the wood paneling so we could watch the street.
 Dessert time, is the best time.
Our waitor at the dessert place, he was the cutest! He even gave us a little discount.

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