Tuesday, September 6, 2011

marc jacobs commercial

This week I had one of the most incredible opportunities of my modeling career to film a Marc Jacobs commercial for Tokyo! The commercial was filmed in the Marc Jacobs store in Omotesando - so the only down side was that we were required to film at night because we couldn't intrude in store 'selling' hours. Regardless, I was happy to be there period.

The night was easy and simple, I basically tried on the latest Marc Jacobs fashions and walked around the store as if I were a rich, young starlet with money to burn. Basically, my life was completed that night and I never wanted it to end.

image: behind the scenes of the filming process; a flawless outfit by Marc Jacobs; me. eating pizza. in Marc Jacobs. What is life anymore?; my stand in and the filmer deciding where to shoot.

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