Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fashion Show

This morning I left my apartment quite early to have a lunch with my agent, Tokuya. We sat and chatted for a bit about life back home, working here, life here, and where I plan to go next. Then I was off to my fashion show for the night! The show was for Sunaokuwahara, a japanese brand. We did two shows, one around 6 and the other around 8. Runway has always been my favorite work, so I was beyond excited to finally be doing one in Japan. After the show, I headed home for a few minutes till Marie and Sheena and I decided to head for some late night sushi! Which was delicious. But we were all so full afterwards that we had to sit and chat for a bit till Marie had to head home since she had to wake up in a few hours for a job. Sheena drove me back to my place then, cause it would have been an hour walk and on a full stomach like that it wouldn't have been much fun. Now begins my last weekend in Tokyo with all my friends still here! It'll go by so fast.

 Above: So remember that typhoon yesterday? Well this was my view walking to work this morning, nothing but clear blue skies.
 On my way to the show, I got stopped by the train tracks.
Just a view.

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