Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Computers And Statues

Thursday I had yet another acting job, this one was a commercial for Intel. In the commercial, I play a young woman that's hopelessly in love with her boyfriend - who happened to be one of my good friends in Japan, so it made the day easier and more fun! At first though, we got there at 1 and they were still shooting a different commercial, so we ate some lunch and then had to sit around over 3 hours till we began make up and everything. It was worth the wait though, because I had a wonderful conversation with this guy from England who was actually a wedding photographer here in Japan! After we had to start shooting, it lasted till around 11. We had to do so many different scenes and get the right amount of enthusiasm. In the end, it worked out perfectly! I took the last train home though, and the studio was far out so the trains weren't underground but above. So when we were stopped at a station, a huge flying bug flew into our car! At first it just buzzed around, but then it started flying near these 3 Japanese women, and they started freaking out. Oh my gosh, I was doubled over I was laughing so hard at the scene. The bug wasn't bothering me so I didn't have to worry, but seeing the terror even cracks me up thinking back on it now! Eventually a man stood up in the car and grabbed it (somehow) and held it till the next stop where he through it out - props to him.

Above: In front of the studio there were these two HUGE statues, I took a picture in front of my favorite.

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