Sunday, September 4, 2011

An Angel Lost In The Forest, Drowning In The Sea

This was most likely the longest Tuesday I will ever experience in my entire life. I woke up for my job which started at 6 am, we drove to a forest area thirty minutes away and shot from 7-11. The job was a video for Larc-En-Ciel, a famous Japanese band. I was put in a white dress for the day, but during this part I had to walk through various spots in the forest acting like a lost and confused angel. Then when we got all the shots, we went out into an open field and they set up three mattresses and filmed me falling backwards into them. That's when we picked up and moved onto the swimming scenes. When the video is put together, you'll see me fainting and falling backwards and falling deep into the sea. We shot in the pool from 12-7, about 15 different scenes. It was a long shoot, but tons of fun. In the end, I was saved by sinking to the very bottom and my random-male-savior diving in and bringing back to the top. After we finished, we drove an hour away to a real studio where we did some final shots and finished up around 1. Needless to say I was beyond ready to be home and asleep.

Above: A ferris wheel that was where we shot in the forest area.
 My stylist (above) and my english communicator (left) and I taking a break from shooting.
 The water at the pool was so cold, and I'm so little, that they made a mini hot tub for me to warm up in when they were changing things around.
 This was my "saviour" and I right before they shot a scene. The two men would rush me down to the bottom and I would have to lay there dead until he swam down to save me. I had to hold my nose going down though, because they went so fast.
 After we finished shooting, this was them cleaning up all the green screens.
 Some technical lights.
 If you can see the dip in the pool waters, it was almost 20 feet down.
 This was my cute little stand in! When they would be testing cameras or placements, instead of me having to do it every time she did it, and when they had it perfectly how they wanted they would bring me in.
 When we shot in the studio, they were COVERING me with glitter.
 As you can see here.

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