Saturday, September 3, 2011

6 am Sushi With Some Temples Thrown In

Saturday morning I set my alarm bright and early for 4:30 am and started my little walk to Marie's place. When I got there around 5 she was waiting outside for me already, we were headed to the fish market. The Fish Market is a very touristy thing, that's still one of the top five things to see before you leave Tokyo. It was definetely a site. Streets and streets packed with fish, sea life, sea weed, hand made pots, and little sushi inlets to eat it. After walking around for a bit, we stopped in the most famous sushi restaraunt in the Fish Market and ate for literally 2 hours. We kept ordering sushi after sushi, along with rice bowls, rolls, and the works. We made quite a good friendship with two of the chefs, although they were laughing at how much we were chowing down - it's unusual to see a non-native person eating so much sushi. After we finished eating all we could, we walked a bit more through the fish market. Then we felt so amazing and alive, we decided to walk back to our places - which are an hour and a half away walking. It was incredibly worth it though, we turned an hour and a half into three hours. Along our way of just walking about, we happened to be walking down this street and literally in between two massive buildings there are these stairs that seem to extend into heaven itself. Of course, we went up them. Up top, we assumed it was a temple, that or either where some may go to pay respects to the dead. We spent some time exploring there, which I'll explain more about in the pictures and then we started our walk again. We ended up finding another temple, a simpler one just pushed into the groove of some buildings. After walking a bit more, we stopped in a little book store, because I wanted to get a book my friend Andrew had recommended me by a famous Japanese author - of course I got the book in English. Then we walked a bit more, and ended up finding probably the biggest temple and garden area I will ever see. It's was insane, huge traditional buildings with sacred statues and gongs and fires outside. It was unbelieveable. After we explored there for maybe 40 minutes, we made our way fully back home. It was only around 2 when I got home, but I was so tired from my adventurous day, I stayed home the rest of the night doing research over things I saw.

 Above: My little Marie waiting for me outside!
 The front of the fish market!
 A view of some of their offerings.
 Our two favorite chefs.
 One of Marie's plates of sushi.
 Ahhh a little touristy photo!
 In front of the first shrine, there was a place to drink some water - obviously I didn't, but I still wanted to take a picture with it.
 In front of the second shrine, and the massive stairs.
 At the top of the stairs when you looked out, this is what you saw.
 A man feeding the fish in the pond.
 A close up of the fish swarming to the food.
 I found a book of common Japanese phrases, and this was in it.
 Japanese people love me so much they wrote a book about me!
 The third shrine was surrounded by these little statues with red caps.
 In front of every shrine there is a place to tie a wish or prayer that you write.
 Some Japanese writings in front of the Shrine.
Me in front of the biggest shrine I've ever seen.

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