Tuesday, August 16, 2011

photo update

Since I haven't had the time to update recently, this post is going to be a compilation of what all has been going on. It's been endless castings, discoveries, teas, books, and also jobs! Below, you can see a few of my key favorite things through out it all.

I'm almost positive the girls and I are going a bit mad driving around in a car all day. Earlier, Marie found some old CDs in the van that had some of the greatest hits from the early 2000s burned on to them. It totally brightened our mood for the day, because before long we were singing at the top of our lungs and laughing breathlessly at the end.

Another humorous story, the Japanese find it extremely difficult to pronounce my name I've noticed. They either want to pronounce it As-Ton. or Ash-I-Ton. Close enough, I guess? I'm more proud of myself as I've learned to correctly write my name in Japanese now!

image: casting schedule, with a tweek; along a walk through the city; driving to castings; Japanese costumes; a famous street in Tokyo; while waiting on castings, you have to pass the time somehow; dinner with my best, Marie.

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