Sunday, August 21, 2011

castings are secretly reality TV shows

Some castings are just meant to be shared - it's almost humorous what the client asks you to do. I partially convinced myself that some are going as far to film us and air it on a reality TV show as a joke. Partially.

Earlier this week there was a casting for Intel - now Intel is basically a computer design and software technology, but for the casting each girl was asked to sit on a couch with a boy and simply act like you were beyond in love with the other. The client described it to us as, "Pretend you are engaged and watching television together." Easy enough? In some ways more than other though, because when you're sat next to a random guy alone in a room with a video, one of the hardest things you can convince yourself to do is flirt. But I must have been doing something right, because the client asked me to film the sequence with three or so different guys and eventually I was blessed with the job! The filming will be in a few weeks time, so everyone stay tuned for that!

image: plain rice, only in Asia.

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