Thursday, August 11, 2011

roppongi dinner

This week is a holiday week for the entire city of Tokyo - which means most of the people head on home to see their families back in their country side towns. Of course, it's clear that not everyone does this - so for us that meant the week was still busy with castings. Which I was grateful for.

After castings this evening Marie and I went to have dinner with two friends in Roppongi at an extremely traditional Japanese restaurant. To us, it almost felt like a performance was going on for us, but in reality this was how traditional Japanese entertained their guests. The chef sat in the middle of the room with an oven twice his size in front of him, and around him was an endless array of fish, vegetables, meats, and breads. You simply point at what you'd like (or verbally tell him, but my Japanese is still non-existent) and he starts preparing it for you. It was an amazing experience and meal, one I truly recommend if you're ever in Tokyo!

image: the view from our friend's Roppongi apartment at dusk.

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