Tuesday, July 19, 2011

first tourism day in japan

It's Monday here, which means it's time for Caitlin to leave and head back to Canada. I helped her get some of her things together and into the cab, and after she left I took the privilege to move a few things around in the apartment. Honestly, if I have to live here the next two months I might as well be satisfied with how it looks! In the afternoon, Mariane and I decided to go out and do a bit of exploring around the city. We visited the Imperial Palace, where we could only walk around the outside gardens since it was closed to the public.

We didn't really have a set plan after that, so we started aimlessly walking around the city simply discovering what ever was brought into our path. It's easy to lose yourself in this city, with so many small side streets and bustling people everywhere, but it's a city that you want to lose yourself in. Side streets with small shops and local businesses tell such greater stories than those with only chains and everything typical the world has to offer.

Eventually, we ended up making our way to the famous Rainbow Bridge. A double-decker bridge that sets high above an ocean inlet. For pedestrains, there's a small elevator that takes you to the top of the bridge where you can walk on the side and look out into the ocean and the city in the distance.

image: a full view from the bridge; a small piece of the Imperial Palace gardens; a contrasting view of the bridge's view from daylight to dusk.

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