Saturday, July 30, 2011

dinner in akasaka

This evening was a bit on the toursity side as I went to dinner with my friend Annette. Annette is also signed with my mother agency back in the states, but is only in Tokyo with me for the next few days. We went for dinner together in Akasaka, which is a neighborhood in Tokyo known for business and international cuisine. We first took some time to walk around and explore a few of the small shops along the streets and eventually decided to try a Turkish dinner in a small building. Neither of us have had Turkish food before, so it was a surprise as to what we might be eating in the end!

In this restaraunt, you order what you'd like to eat and then the food is brought to you. Raw. Your entire party sits around a small grill and you cook everything yourself! That took us by surprise, solely because we didn't expect that, but it was an interesting concept to master. For appetizers we were served cucumbers with a spicy sauce and for our main we decided on a choice of three meats plus some veggies as a side. After we grilled them, we wrapped the beef/chicken in a small lettuce leaf with rice and added a secret sauce. Secret solely because, we didn't know what it was and the staff didn't speak enough English to explain it to us. We enjoyed it all nonetheless.

image: how our dinner arrived; the process of cooking; Annette, master chef; our finished product. 

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