Tuesday, July 12, 2011

they've got planes and trains and cars

It was an awfully early Sunday morning. A 4 a.m. call time to start my day to finish getting everything together for my flight to Tokyo, Japan. The flight that would ultimately change my life upside down and open my eyes to what the world truly has to offer. A few people came to the airport to see me off, some close friends and family, each with hugs, words of encouragement, and a simple going-away present or two. Then, before I knew it, I was in Chicago and boarding my 12 hour flight to my new life.

After my flight, I took a bus to the middle of the city where one of the agency bookers picked me up. It was a little past midday so I hopped in the van with four other girls and we whisked away to castings. Luckily, we only had two and I was taken back to my apartment - beyond exhausted at this point. Tomorrow will be a fresh day!

image: my plane taking me to tokyo; in flight map.

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