Friday, July 22, 2011

castings define my life now

Today was a busy, busy day, but Marie and I took a few bits of it to explore and enjoy the city around us. On our way to the agency this morning, we popped in to a small bakery which we immediately deemed our favorite in Tokyo. It was quaint and cute, but was filled to the max with home-made breads, goodies, sandwiches  and more! We each took a coffee and a small treat until we were rushed to set off for castings with the agency.

For models, most castings are quite the same - walk in, say hi, show your book and give a comp card, and maybe take a few pictures or try on an outfit or two. But this evening at a casting for Toyota, we had a totally new experience. The client at the casting basically asked us to drive the 'car', which is easy enough - but a bit weird when your car is a fold out chair and it's only you in the room with a camera face on!

image: boredom accounts to creativity while you're stuck in a van all day.

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