Tuesday, July 12, 2011

when my day was made

This morning I finally had a moment to start journaling my adventures in Japan - and ended up having a massive surprise! As I opened my journal, three cards fell out - One from my two adorable sisters, one from my loving mother, and also one from my cat, Gizmo! He signed it with a cute hand-drawn paw print (that I'm a little bit certain my sister drew on). Reading their encouraging words and promising 'I love you's!' made my so much more bitter sweet. It's a bit hard adjusting to this new lifestyle, but I know I'll always have my family to come back home too. I even had a letter written by one of my oldest and best friends, Kendra. She actually gave me hers at the airport and I read it while on my flight to Tokyo.

Even though I only recently recieved the cards and letters, I can already imagine how dear I'll hold them to my heart in this trip and years to come.

image: my three 'surprise' cards; my letter from Kendra.

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