Wednesday, July 13, 2011

shibuya crossing

This morning was lovely as I had a chance to finally sleep in before my day full of castings. I took the end of my morning to go out and explore some of the streets close to my neighborhood. I found a few cute shops to pop in to, plus discovered some food places I'd like to indulge in later in my trip as well.

Our castings today felt a bit endless, lasting from around 2 in the afternoon till 9. At least I have the other girls in the car to chat with and distract myself, plus a book that I always keep close by!

Possibly my favorite part of the day was driving through Tokyo's busiest intersection, the center of Shibuya! The intersection is designed as an octagon, with each side bordered with a building or traffic filled street. The mesmerizing part is when the lights stop and a sea of people flow into the street to easily cross to whichever side they need to go. It almost looks as if close to a hundred or more people cross in less than thirty seconds.

image: street signs in tokyo.

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