Wednesday, July 27, 2011

working for Champion

Today I had the amazing opprotunity to shoot the S/S 12 campaign for Champion! We were shooting close to the ocean, in a beautiful little harbor and inlet close to Tokyo. It wasn't too hard of a day, the vibe was very preppy/cool, so in the pictures we were only asked to act like we would if we were truly just hanging out at a beach all day. Along with myself, there was two guys - one who was my 'boyfriend' for the day, and another who was supposedly just another friend hanging out. The two made for a fun day. After the long hours and endless clothes, our client treated everyone to soft serve ice cream as a lovely treat - which was an incredible contrast to the extreme heat outside! After we finished the days schedule I still wasn't done, because we had to first make our hour and a half drive home and then I had to finish a few castings that I had missed earlier. All in a day's work, and in my opinion worth it all.

image: a traditional Japanese bento box.

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