Friday, July 15, 2011

petite bateau

Today I was blessed with my first job while in Tokyo! It was a simple E-Commerce, but regardless I was so so so happy. The day wasn't too long, there were a few breaks filled in along with an incredible Thai Curry lunch (vegetarian for myself though, of course). After work, I was taken to live in a new apartment. My room mate for the next few days is a Canadian named Caitlin, but she's leaving and heading back home on Monday. On Tuesday, another Canadian will move in with me - Marie. It will be her first time in Tokyo as well so I'm hoping we'll be out exploring the city together a lot!

While typing this earlier tonight I experienced my first earthquake - it wasn't anywhere near a major stressor, just something that shook the clothes in the closet. It's almost funny how you can feel it inside and see all your things moving around, but outside no one even suspects a thing.

image: a shot from the day.

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  1. G-Mamma keeps track of your eartquakes.....congrats on job


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