Sunday, July 17, 2011

spontaneous beach day

Saturday was spent blissfully enjoying the beach, sun, and sand with my friends from Tokyo. We had almost 12 of us loaded up in a massive van headed down to enjoy the day. Originally, our plan was to see Roscoe Dash - but he ended up cancelling for reasons still unknown. No bother, we still enjoyed our day out together away from the city! We laughed, played volleyball in the sand, floated in the water some, and just enjoyed the day off. Around dusk we started to pack up and head back into the city, but we were all still enjoying the day we did a quick rinse off and got ready to go out for dinner together. Some days are just destined to be carefree, spontaneous, and fun.

image: a few of the girls from my agency and I having lunch together; looking out from the hut; sun filled day at the beach; a view of the ocean.

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